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“I had a great time joining the Arcade Tokens on the Coin Toss podcast. They are a sharp, intelligent and dedicated group of men. Their passion for the sport and culture of gaming is inspirational. I am excited that Gridiron Gaming is making headway into the gaming industry. I am so glad I had the opportunity to participate.”

Javiar Collins
Retired NFL Player

“I’ve been an athlete and a gamer my entire life. For the most part, those two passions have conflicted with each other. As someone working to bridge that gap, I’ve enjoyed being involved in Gridiron Gaming’s community events. Being able to play in gaming tournaments with former teammates, coaches and even the OGs of the NFL has been awesome! Gaming is a great avenue for current and former players to engage with their supporters, and I look forward to participating and assisting with Gridiron Gaming’s future events.”

Chase Baker
Retired NFL Player

"I've had the opportunity to play against a younger generation of esports athletes, and I was enlightened and pleasantly surprised by the experience, and how competing in a new way made me feel."

Mike Singletary
NFL Hall of Famer

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