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Gridiron Bowl: Madden Tournament Recap

On June 26, the Gridiron Bowl Madden tournament came to an end, crowning Team Charles James II as the winner. Charles James II, Laney and Joke won the last round 23-12.

Participants had the chance to compete for a $10,000 prize pool in Gridiron Bowl. The community part of the tournament kicked off earlier last month on June 12, with individual players competing in a +/- 2-point format.

The top 32 players from the Community Qualifier competed in the Double-Elimination Bracket on June 19. Four winners from the winners’ bracket and three winners from the losers’ bracket made it through the round. However, as the third round only allows six teams of three, the first two teams in the winners’ bracket were awarded a bye.

In the main event, six teams of three competed in show matches. Each team included a retired NFL player, which added additional excitement around the competition. The audience got to see retired NFL players joining in on the Madden fun with professional and amateur players. As for the Game Mode, it was The Yard. Standard Yard, Play-a-Friend, Best-of-3, Single-Elimination.

The tournament show matches started with Team Jason Avant facing Team Braylon Edwards in a very enticing match, with Team Avant coming out victorious. They won the match 15-9, gaining an additional point in their name following that. Team Avant pulled off a landslide 35-1 victory in the next match, securing their place in the final match. 

In the second match of the Gridiron Bowl, Team James faced off against Team Cameron Lee. Team James won the first round 26-0 in a clean sweep against Team Lee, earning them the first point in the best of 3. The second round was a close match, but Team Lee came up short and lost by 9-7. Team James advanced to the next round.

Team Avant and Team Jacoby Jones faced off against each other in the first semi-final of Gridiron Bowl. The first match was a nail-biter for everyone watching, but Team Avant brought this one home by beating Team Jones at the last second with a score of 17-16. In the second round of the match, Team Jones was able to get the upper hand and defeated Team Avant by a hefty margin of 13 points making the final score 19-6. After winning the second match by a 13-point margin, Team Jones looked like the team with a plan, but Team Avant took the lead in the final round. The team secured a position in the finals by scoring four more points in the final round than Team Jones.

After a short break, the second semi-finals started with Team Jamaal Charles and Team James as the two contending teams. Both teams secured one point each, but Team James got the upper hand and qualified for the finals to face Team Avant. Team Jones and Team Charles both earned a bye in the last qualifying round but didn’t make it to the finals.

Team Avant went against Team James in the finals and won 2-1 in a best of three. However, a last point at the last second in the second round gave Team Avant a fighting chance. In the end, Team James triumphed 23-12 in the final match and took home the Gridiron Bowl championship title.

Gridiron Bowl provided viewers with top-of-the-line content from some of the top and up-in-coming Madden players out there, including Young Kiv, Joke, OneGreatUser, Drini, Joke, Problem and Skimbo competing alongside some of our favorite NFL players. The retired players who competed included Jason Avant, Jamaal Charles, Braylon Edwards, Charles James II, Jacoby Jones and Cameron Lee. Having these combos and a community player on each team made for some great matches and even greater plays on the field.

Former Eagles Wide Receiver Jason Avant had a conversation with his teammate Skimbo, a Madden pro. Jason mentioned that he had not played Madden since 16. Skimbo initially thought Jason meant Madden 16, but he hadn’t played Madden since he was 16 years old. With such a long time off the sticks, one would expect Jason Avant to have a hard time, but his coachability and dedication helped give his team a shot at securing the championship title.

In the end, there was one trio that stood out among the rest. Team James’ outstanding performance helped them pull through to first place. Coming in second was Team Avant, who did a phenomenal job keeping up and giving the other teams some serious competition. All the teams and players enjoyed the gameplay, and it was just as fun for audiences watching.

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